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SJMc2 "Face to Face"


Steve and Jane McMahon Recorded this CD as a Duet.  SJMc2 (Steve & Jane McMaho Duet) has 15 songs featuring Bluegrass and Bluegrass Gospel.

1 I'll just keep on lovin' you (The Nashvilleluegrass Band)

2 Red Clay Halo (Gillian Welch)

3 Fifty miles of elbow room (Tradtional Gospel)

4 Jealousy (Claire Lynch)

5 Daniel prayed ((Ralph Stanley)

6 Face to Face (Claire Lynch)

7 !st step to heaven (The Nashville Bluegrass Band)

8 Someday soon (Kenny & Amanda Smith)

9 Irish Rain (Steve Spurgin)

10 Flying south to Dixie (Hank Snow)

11 Across the great divide (Kate Wolf)

12 Peach pickin' time in Georgia (Jimmy Rodgers)

13 Cruel Willy (Traditional)

14 Miles and miles of Texas (T. Camfield & D. Johnson)

15 Chattanooga shoe shine boy ( Jack Stapp & Harry Stone) 

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